Usher – Hush

Usher – Hush
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Extras din DEX 2022

funny you
funny you 😉
  • ABUZ = (om) fără buze
  • ACRU = Unitate de masura a acrelii. Ex: am o sotie de 3 acri si o  soacra de 5.
  • ACTRITA = Matrita pentru fabricarea acelor.
  • BASCA = Femeie din Pirinei, cu marginile indoite inauntru.
  • BIROCRATIE = Democratie originala, bazata pe incasarea cit mai multor biruri.
  • BULDOZER – Aparat sofisticat utilizat la repartizarea in fiecare litru de sifon a 163.172.249+3 bule de CO2.
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P2P use is positive

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned a study by research company TNO about how much Dutch Internet users download music, movies, and games, and what the social and economic effects of this downloading are. […]
The study concludes that the effects are strongly positive because consumers get to enjoy desirable content and also get to keep their cash to buy other things. Because the consumers save much more money than the producers lose, the net economic effects are positive. The report also reinforces the truth that unpaid downloads do not translate into lost sales in anything close to a one-to-one ratio. […]
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source: arstechnica