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960 Free People in Silhouettes

Nowadays People silhouettes are one of the most needed elements for designer.
At dezignus.com you can find 960 Free People in Silhouettes

You can use them in Illustrator too
Like this:

To convert Photoshop Custom shape into Illustrator vector follow steps:
1) Open both Photoshop and Illustrator;
2) Draw a shape in photoshop;
3) Select Pen Tool (P);
4) Hold “ctrl” and click near your shape;
5) Cover your shape by selection rectangle;
6) Copy it (Ctrl+C);
7) Paste it in Illustrator (Ctrl+V)


Site of the week: Colorotate.org

ColoRotate gives you the freedom to let your imagination fly.
You can link ColoRotate to Photoshop CS4. Sync your palettes and share with colleagues.

Colorotate can generate color palettes from images 🙂 and can export them to various file formats.

Learn Photoshop In Just One Week

 Adobe Photoshop
Now you can Learn Adobe Photoshop In Just One Week
Step One the basics of the program.

* The Interface
* The Tools
* Pen Tool
* Shortcuts
* Tutorials

Step Two: utilize the skills you mastered in Step One

* Typography
* Web Components
* Photo Manipulation
* Buttons
* Other

Last Step: advanced tutorials that will really push your skills

* Tutorials
* Sites
* Articles & Inspiration