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How to split large folder into multiple folders

with a batch script

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set folder=c:\files

set filecount=0
set foldercount=1
set maxfiles=100

for /F “tokens=*” %%G in (‘dir “%folder%” /A:-D /B’) do (
set /A filecount+=1
set target=0000!foldercount!
set target=!target:~-5!
if not exist “%folder%\!target!” md “%folder%\!target!”
move “%folder%\%%G” “%folder%\!target!”

if [!filecount!]==[%maxfiles%] (
set /A foldercount+=1
set filecount=0

Paste the script below into a text file and save it with a .cmd extension. Change the value of the line “set folder=c:\files” with your folder location.
Running the script will create sequentially-numbered subfolders and move 100 files into each one

How Do We Communicate – Yale Video Course

Language in the Brain, Mouth and the Hands
By Paul Bloom
One of the most uniquely human abilities is the capacity for creating and understanding language. This lecture introduces students to the major topics within the study of language: phonology, morphology, syntax and recursion. This video course tries to answer to many questions. Watch it, this is a YALE video Course !

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