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Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory

Theory is the missing link for many un-trained but otherwise talented designers. At psd.tutsplus.com are 50 excellent graphic design theory lessons, about

    Grid Based Design
    Color Theory
    Design Theory
    UI & Usability

All here

How Do We Communicate – Yale Video Course

Language in the Brain, Mouth and the Hands
By Paul Bloom
One of the most uniquely human abilities is the capacity for creating and understanding language. This lecture introduces students to the major topics within the study of language: phonology, morphology, syntax and recursion. This video course tries to answer to many questions. Watch it, this is a YALE video Course !

Many others videos on academicearth.org

Learn Photoshop In Just One Week

 Adobe Photoshop
Now you can Learn Adobe Photoshop In Just One Week
Step One the basics of the program.

* The Interface
* The Tools
* Pen Tool
* Shortcuts
* Tutorials

Step Two: utilize the skills you mastered in Step One

* Typography
* Web Components
* Photo Manipulation
* Buttons
* Other

Last Step: advanced tutorials that will really push your skills

* Tutorials
* Sites
* Articles & Inspiration