DuckDuckGo Search Engine helps you to be a Good Programmer

So you want to be a Programmer? Want to learn – How to code, Debug, and Program? The Web is full of free resources that can turn you into a programmer in no time, but never knew Where to start or How to troubleshoot your programs.


Say hello to Project Tango!

Google’s Project Tango is a glance into the future of mobile development. As Google states, the future holds interesting things for us.
Mobile devices will no longer be bounded by their screen, instead they will be more “aware” of their surroundings. Combined with decent Ai future mobile technology will be able to “understand” human motion and space, as we perceive it.

Learning to Cut the Sugar

Dr. Robert Lustig became widely known as “the anti-sugar guy” after a lecture of his called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” was posted on YouTube and gained widespread attention. In his talk, Dr. Lustig explains why all calories are not created equal, and why he believes those from sugar in particular are driving an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease.

For the Love of Money – Wall Street version

I generally think that if one is rich and believes they have “enough,” they are not a wealth addict. On Wall Street, in my experience, that sense of “enough” is rare. The money guy doing a job he complains about for yet another year so he can add $2 million to his $20 million bank account seems like an addict.

Been there, done that!