Learn Adobe Illustrator in 30 Days

vectordiary.com created this FREE 30 days Illustrator crash course for beginners interested in learning Illustrator. Each lesson will take around 20 mins to complete and you will be able to learn the basic fundamental techniques before the 30 days trial ends.
But you should sign up for FREE to read the whole 30 days tutorial
After that you have 30 more tutorials

1st Week
Day 1: What is Illustrator
Day 2: Getting Started in Illustrator
Day 3: Drawing Basic Shapes
Day 4: Drawing with Pencil Tool
Day 5: Drawing with Pen Tool
Day 6: Weekend Break
Day 7: Weekend Break

2nd Week
Day 8: Using Brushes
Day 9: Creating Compound Paths
Day 10: Working with Color and Strokes
Day 11: Editing Objects, Layers & Groups
Day 12: Transparency & Graphic Styles
Day 13: Weekend Break
Day 14: Weekend Break

3rd Week
Day 15: Transforming & Moving Objects
Day 16: Basic Text
Day 17: Blending Shapes & Colors
Day 18: Photorealism with Gradient Mesh
Day 19: Using the Symbol Tools
Day 20: Weekend Break
Day 21: Weekend Break

Last Week
Day 22: Creating Special Effects
Day 23: Applying 3D Extrude & Bevel
Day 24: Distort using Warp Effects
Day 25: Applying Live Paint
Day 26: Masking using Clipping Path/ Opacity Mask
Day 27: Weekend Break
Day 28: Weekend Break
Day 29: Saving & Printing
Day 30: Final Project – Designing a Logo


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